International Humanitarian Law Alerts

MARCH 2019

As many Libyans continued to be displaced within their country due to conflict, the Commission has announced today €6 million in humanitarian aid for 2019. This brings total humanitarian assistance in the country for 2018-2019 to €15 million.

From 12-14 March 2019 the European Union and the United Nations co-chaired the Brussels III Conference. As well as renewing support to a lasting political solution to end the Syria crisis, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, the Conference addressed the most critical humanitarian and resilience issues affecting Syrians inside their country and refugees and their host communities in particular in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


For 70 years international humanitarian law (IHL) has sought to limit the consequences of war and protect people in conflict zones. But in an age of changing warfare, is IHL still fit for purpose?

Recommitting to Protection in Armed Conflict on the 70th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions